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Bcf masterbatch

Master batch = Pigment + carrier + additives

BCF Master Batch ( PP. PET, PA master batch ) for fiber Include black master batch, Optical brighten master batch and various kinds of color master batch, we can also match the color according to our customers’ requirements.

BCF master batch can be used for POY,FDY, staple fiber and high strength industrial yarn.

After choosing reasonable formula, our master batch enable our customers to cut down the cost and to add the useful value.

The end use of our master batch refers to outdoor lightfast fiber, pile coating, top grade interior carpet and coloured industrial net, it also can used for military packing string.

BCF masterbatch  Usage method:

Dry the master batch for more than 8 hours under the condition of below 120℃ before use, spin the yarn by master batch injector or by mixing master batch with chips evenly.

PP BCF Masterbatch The series has the following advantages:

  •   1) The masterbatch products pigment particle size <1¦Ìm;
  •   2) dispersed, stable, high-colored;
  •   3) has excellent filtration performance;
  •   4) having a high heat resistance and light resistance.
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