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Color masterbatch

Classify by color for color masterbatch

Color Master batch can be divided into black, white, yellow, green, red, orange, brown, blue, silver, gold, purple, gray, pink masterbatch, etc


The raw material basic components of color masterbatch

1. Pigments

Pigments are the basic coloring components, and it is best to first undergo pre-treatment by coating the surface of their fine particles with resin to prevent mutual flocculation and make them easy to disperse. To achieve uniform coating and mixing, solvents such as ortho dichlorobenzene, chlorobenzene, xylene, etc. that have affinity for pigments and can dissolve resins are used. In the case of resin dissolution, disperse the pigment and then recover or remove the solvent.

2. Carrier

The carrier is the matrix of the color masterbatch. At present, the specialized color masterbatch uses the same resin as the carrier, which can ensure the compatibility between the color masterbatch and the colored resin, and is conducive to better dispersion of pigments. There are many types of carrier resins, including polyethylene, random polypropylene, poly (1-butene), low relative molecular weight polypropylene, etc.

For polyolefin masterbatch, LLDPE or LDPE with high melt index is generally selected as the carrier resin, which has good processing flowability. It is blended with the colored resin to adjust the viscosity of the system, play a role in wetting and dispersing pigments, minimize the amount of dispersant, and even achieve good dispersion effect without dispersant, ensuring that the performance of the colored product does not decrease.

3. Dispersant

The dispersant wets and covers the pigment, promoting its uniform dispersion in the carrier and no longer condensing. Its melting point should be lower than that of the resin, and it should have good compatibility with the resin and good affinity with the pigment. There are many types of dispersants, and low relative molecular weight polyethylene wax, polyester, stearate, white oil, oxidized low relative molecular weight polyethylene, etc. can be selected.

4. Additives

In addition to coloring, color masterbatch also adds flame retardants, antioxidants, anti-static agents, light stabilizers, etc. according to various user requirements, and has multiple functions. Sometimes users do not request it, but color masterbatch companies may also suggest adding some additives according to product needs.

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