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Solvent resistance properties of pigment and ink

According to the definition of organic pigments, organic pigments should not be dissolved in the Connection material. The Connector usually contain the organic solvents .

If the pigment has a larger solubility in the connector, it will be crystallized, flocculated and bubbling in the ink film. Which will influences the performance of the whole ink film .

Especially organic pigment with high solubility in the binder system, that will appear the Particle precipitation phenomenon in the process. Lead to the bad effect on the quality of ink.

In addition to the chemical structure of the organic pigment  the properties of the solvent, the granularity and temperature of the organic pigment are also the factors that have great influence on the solubility of the pigment. More strong polarity of the solvent, the stronger capacity to dissolve the organic pigment  otherwise will be weaker.

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