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Hydrophilic masterbatch

1. Hydrophilic masterbatch characteristics: to give PP / PE fiber hydrophilic properties; resistance to washing. 

Hydrophilic masterbatch applications: PP / PE spunbond nonwoven, PP / PE meltblown nonwovens, PP / PE fiber, film, plastic molded products,

Milk white to light yellow
Specification :2.5*3.0(mm)      
Ref.Dosage :5%
Heat Resistance :280(℃) 
Performance :Absorption
TIME OF 45°incline: ≤5s
Absorbing Capacity: 3-8 times of self weight

Properties: 1. High hydrophilicity; 2. Long term stability; 3. Dispersion uniformity; 4. Processability

2.Hydrophilic powder/penetrant is a kind of nonionic surfactant,it can be used in plastic processing.like as functional agent for PP and PE.It can be added into plastic production directly,and used with color masterbatch. Generally the usage dose is 0.5%-1.5%,for plastic film and 0.8%-2.0% for plastic sheet .

Product Features:
High Purity: the active matter is more than 98%
Good dispersibility:Diaperse uniformly in plastic
Non-toxic,not hazardous to human: partical non-toxic
Eco-friendly:free heavy metals,free halogen-flame retardant,complies with ROHS regulation

Milk white to light yellow
Active matter %:98min
Volatiles matter%:2max
Amine value.mgKOH/g:60-80
Melting point:55
Decomposion temperature:300

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