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Metal Complex Solvent Dyes

What is metal complex solvent dyes?

Metal complex solvent dyes are used in solvent based coating and ink .With brilliant and transparent in shade.  Metal complex solvent dyes are widely  used in  transparent lacquers, flexographic & gravure inks, leather finishes, printing inks, wood-stains, plastics such as cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, polyester resin and coatings.specialized in metal foils and aluminium.

The application of metal complex solvent dyes:

Ink: solvent based ink ,printing ink for Aluminum foil ,printing ink for paper and the surface of metal (screen printing )

Coating industry:
1.Wood stains coating
2..Aluminum foil coloring(hot stamping material) 
3.metal coloring (low temperature baking finishes ).
4.special coating

Other industry :
1.ink for ball pen and stationery
2,plastic coating (vacuum plating )
3. Leather coloring
4:shoes polish coloring