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Polypropylene masterbatch

Master batch = Pigment + carrier + additives

Polypropylene masterbatch(PA masterbatch) main purposes: the product has a high color fastness, it is mainly used for textile fabrics, carpets, clothing, underwear, decorative fabric, polypropylene rope, series of products.

It is widely used in coloring of nonwovens, carpets, filaments, staple fibers, coarse denier and other products. According to the customer different colors, monofilament fineness, silk, temperature, light and other performance requirements, to provide personalized service.

The use of polypropylene masterbatch instructions:

For the actual production equipment will have different processing temperature requirements, and the concentration of the masterbatch should be controlled at 0.8% to 5%, to ensure smooth non-woven processing.
Product quality index of polypropylene masterbatch
Appearance: uniform color, no dust;
Particle size: Φ (2.7 ~ 3.3) mm × (3 ~ 3.4) mm
Moisture: ≤0.3% (wt.)
Color: 4 (gray card)
Heat resistance: ≥240 ℃ (used in BCF, meltblown non-woven models of heat resistance is relatively high)

Polypropylene masterbatch Packaging storage:

Products using double-layer packaging, the inner layer of waterproof moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, the outer layer of paper-plastic composite bag. Standard package 25 kg / bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the mat, to avoid the sun, rain, masterbatch color shelf life of up to 5 years. In the open package after the rest should be re-sealed, to prevent dust pollution, moisture absorption.

PA masterbatch  with a good quality stability, especially good dispersion, quality to be guaranteed; chemical fiber masterbatch directly use with mixed resin, can avoid of pollute the container, easy to change color;  we can provide monochrome and full concentration of pre-dispersed pigment, Easy to use. Made from the high-quality organic pigments and inorganic pigments and additives . The characteristics of good filter performance, bright color, good resistance to repair, no migration.

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