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Solvent red 124


Product Name: Oil soluble red R

Color Index:Solvent Red 124

CAS NO:12239-74-6


EINECS NO:602-765-1

Chemical constitution: Acid/alkaline dye Metal Complex (acid orange 94 /basic violet 101)

Molecular Weight:

Chemical Formula:

Chemical Name:

Shade:Bluish Red


The foreign relative brand of Solvent Red 124

(S)Savinyl Fire Red 3GLS


The strength of Solvent Red 124

Light Resistance

Heat Resistance

Acid Resistance

Alkali Resistance






The application of metal complex solvent dyes

  • Ink: solvent based ink ,printing ink for Aluminum foil ,printing ink for paper and the surface of metal (screen printing )
  • Coating industry:1.Wood stains coating 2..Aluminum foil coloring(hot stamping material)  3.metal coloring (low temperature baking finishes ).4.special coating
  • Other industry : 1.ink for ball pen and stationery  2,plastic coating (vacuum plating ) 3. Leather coloring 4:shoes polish coloring    
  • Properties 1. Excellent solubility 2. Good compatibility(with most resins) 3. Bright in colour 4. Excellent resistance 5. Free of heavy metal 6. Have liquid form
  • Package: 25kg/drum or  5kg/ box, carton drum or box.
  • Attention : according to the detailed usage 


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