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Solvent violet 56

Product Name: Solvent violet 56

C.I.   Solvent Violet 56

CAS.NO.   212325-37-6

Chemical Family: spiropyran

 Shade: Bluish violet powder

Foreign relative brand:

(BASF)Zapon Blue 807

(KKK)Valifast Blue 2606

Orasol Blue GL (CIBA)

Blue HL[W] (LNIE)

Technosol Blue GL (TCC)



   Light Resistance

   Heat Resistance

   Acid Resistance

    Alkali Resistance





The application of metal complex solvent dyes

Ink: solvent based ink ,printing ink for Aluminum foil ,printing ink for paper and the surface of metal (screen printing )

Coating industry:
1.Wood stains coating 
2..Aluminum foil coloring(hot stamping material)  
3.metal coloring (low temperature baking finishes ).
4.special coating

Other industry : 
1.ink for ball pen and stationery 
2,plastic coating (vacuum plating )
3. Leather coloring
4:shoes polish coloring   

1. Excellent solubility
2. Good compatibility(with most resins)
3. Bright in colour
4. Excellent resistance
5. Free of heavy metal
6. Have liquid form

Package: 25kg/drum or  5kg/ box, carton drum or box.

Attention : according to the detailed usage 

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