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What is the property of plastic antifogging Masterbatch?

Anti-fog master batch:

One of the functional Masterbatch.

Nowadays the plastic package welcome used in the vegetable,fruit,food and so on, as the material of the package like PP.PE, it will be easy to form the water vapor and turn in to  Water droplets In the lining of the bag,leads the adverse consequences. in order to solve   this problem, appeared the Anti-fog masterbatch which is Semi-Transparent or white cylindrical .

plastic antifogging Masterbatch widely used in blowing film for PP.PE.and PET,BOPP,PVCLDPE,HDPE,PC,EVA and so on .

Except the anti-frog master batch, we also offers a wide range of functional Master batches for customers to enhance the performance of their plastic products.

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